About the construction company
Anrad Ltd.

Who are we?

ANRAD Ltd was established in 2000 and is based in Sofia. The company is involved in new construction, maintenance, repair, and restoration of existing buildings, including their survey and structural assessment.

The company has experience in constructing residential, public, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as in various specialized construction projects such as wastewater treatment and sports facilities, alternative heating systems, barbecue areas, and garden spaces.

The firm employs innovative working methods, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness both economically and environmentally.

ANRAD is a dynamic company that aligns its operations with European regulations and current quality standards, with a strong commitment to environmental conservation and safe working conditions.

ANARD Ltd, as a main contractor with years of experience, collaborates with established subcontractors specialised in particular construction activities.

The company aims for continuous improvement of the skills and qualifications of its staff, as well as fostering a high level of professionalism among its management team.


The management of ANRAD Ltd defines and documents the current policy, containing the company’s main objectives and responsibilities, ensuring the health, safety, and security of individuals, environmental protection, product/service quality, and compliance with all applicable requirements for health, safety, environmental conservation, legal, quality, and other regulatory requirements.

The policy of ANRAD Ltd is to ensure high-quality, professional, and efficient service that guarantees the satisfaction of all our clients, while also providing safe and healthy working conditions and environmental preservation. This achievement will lead to efficiency, a strong focus on both customers and employees, and an increase in long-term sustainability and profitability within the organisation.

In order to achieve this business ethic and culture, we utilize an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for quality, health and safety at work, and the environment.

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